Raising funds to provide direct practical help
Friends of Meisori School


Raising funds to provide direct practical help

Meisori Schoolchildren


Registered Charity No. 1134520


The Friends of Meisori School charity came about because of a chance encounter when four friends were on a safari holiday in Kenya in October 2007.  We are: Mike & Lorraine Latchem and Dennis & Beryl Little.  During the trip we received an unexpected offer from our safari manager to visit an African primary school, and we enthusiastically took up the offer.

The visit to Meisori Primary School moved us greatly. The children had almost nothing. Many had no shoes, and the classrooms were bare. The children were pleased and excited to meet some foreign visitors and we were given the freedom to talk to the children in each of the eight classes. They spoke openly to us and we found that most of the boys wanted to be airline pilots and most of the girls, nurses!  We were told on the day of our visit that they had just burst their last football!

As we moved upwards through the grades, known as Standards 1 to 8, we would ask the children what they wanted more than anything and the response was the same. We want education. We need help to pay our way through secondary school. On further investigation we discovered that these children had free primary education, but their families could not afford to send them to secondary school, so they passed their national primary exams and then stopped their education.

We had always supported the big charities such as Save the Children and Christian Aid, but we decided that we would try to work towards making a big difference to a small number of children rather than a small difference to millions.