Raising funds to provide direct practical help
Friends of Meisori School


Raising funds to provide direct practical help


Registered Charity No. 1134520



Teachers at Tenges Boys School


Between January 2008 and January 2017 we have provided 77 sponsorships to secondary school or polytechnic.  Also during those years we have provided 50 new desks to Meisori Primary in 2008 and a further 42 (all made by a local carpenter) in 2010, these being needed because of the increased number of children attending. 

In addition we have funded painting of all classroom walls and improvements to floors in two of the classrooms, plus a small water-catchment project, some computers, a projector and a television.  Our Trustees have also made and delivered over 200 “Days for Girls” washable, reusable feminine hygiene kits, which ensure that girls do not have to miss school for lack of sanitary protection.  We have also shown a local seamstress how to make these kits.


For the last four years or so, we have been working towards drawing away and winding down the charity in the hope that local people may now be able to raise their own funds to send children to secondary school.


However, in 2017 local people decided to raise funds to build a new secondary day school next door to the primary school.  They were able to build the first two classrooms during that year, and to open the Meisori Secondary School in January 2018, taking 27 pupils into Form 1.  Their intention is to raise more funds in subsequent years to build more classrooms and other facilities.


The Trustees of our charity therefore thought it best to assist this excellent local initiative by sponsoring students to this school instead of sending more to boarding schools.  We were able to offer 10 full and 10 half scholarships, together with a grant towards running the new school.  We believe that after running a successful first year, the school will achieve government approval and then government funding.